Meet Averie Medibles: Account Manager Here at Elevated Strategies

Meet Averie Medibles, our stellar account manager here at Elevated Strategies. Medibles has been with the company since July of this year, and the past four months have been a shining record of achievement for the young professional.

Averie Medibles was born in San Luis Obispo, California, but moved to Eugene, Oregon at the age of 12. As a kid, Medibles was an absolute daredevil. “I was a pretty big tomboy,” says Medibles, “I was a daredevil, I raced motorcycles, and did karate- basically anything my dad was interested in, I was into.” Growing up in this competitive and active environment played a major hand in the development of Medibles on a personal and professional level. “I was taught to always try my best,” says Medibles, “I’m pretty competitive, and I liked to progress and win. That added to other aspects of my life, I always wanted to get the best grades to get scholarships- just a very competitive work ethic.”

Medibles graduated high school in 2014, and went on to study at the University of Oregon where she studied Family and Human Services. “I loved my major,” says Medibles, “I love helping people and working with people. That program was all about helping at risk populations and youth. I love helping people develop themselves.” Alongside her studies, Medibles lived in the Trinity House Co-Op for three years with 45 other girls, and served as the social chair. “We did lots of outreach activities,” says Medibles, “I planned all of the house’s events and interacted with the girls.” On top of all of that, Medibles also worked retail at a Charlotte Russe for two years, and an on-campus restaurant for two years. Medibles took advantage of every opportunity as an undergraduate student, and let no day go to waste.

After graduating from college in June of 2018, Medibles stepped off the stage and into the doors of Elevated Strategies. The account manager found the opportunity on a job networking site provided through her university and began developing her career before the cap and gown came off. Medibles started with the company on July 18th, exactly one month after her graduation. “I was immediately intrigued about the opportunity to progress in the business,” says Medibles, “usually time is the determining factor in careers, but I liked the merit-based aspect of this job. As hard as you wanted to work was as fast as you would be promoted.”

As for the culture, Medibles speaks about her team with warmth. “It’s just a really really fun place,” says Medibles, “we are always playing music-very high energy. Everyone is excited to be there.” On top of her love for her team, Medibles feels that she has found a real niche within the industry. “I really like to train and develop others,” says Medibles, “I knew that I wanted to help people throughout college, and I was able to see some of the training aspect of business in college. I love seeing that lightbulb moment, but this opportunity has allowed me to fine tune my skills and progress.”

It’s been a busy few months, but Medibles has no plans of slowing down. “I would love to become a manager and open up my own office,” says Medibles, “I want to manage a team of people. I’ve met consultants and they are living the good life, I would love to become a consultant and have that quality of life, and be able to give to others through that.”


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